Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Percy Jackson Dating Profiles

Hello again,

I know I am late - again. But I have a puppy and he needs all of my attention and of course I still have some reading to do. So far I really love the lightning thief. The challenge from yesterday are dating profiles. Since I am not that far yet, it will be pretty easy to guess which one is which. Anyway I will still do it, because it is a fun thing to do.

Here you go:

Candidate Number 1:

Age: 28

Gender: male

Children: None that I know of

Fitness/Body Type: tall, lean, I am quite good at running and climbing

Education: well date me and find it out ;)

Income: None

Occupation: Keeping Demigoods out of trouble of course.

Likes: Coffee, tin cans, enchiladas

Dislikes: Mr. D, Cyclopses, underground places

Looking for: a nice girl

Candidate number 2:

Age: As if that matters

Gender: Male

Children: five but I can't have more since that oath I have sworn

Fitness/Body Type: I am quite tall, and muscular

Education: I have been around for some time, so I know alot

Income: rich

Occupation: Terrorising people

Likes: driving people mad, my dog

Dislikes: My siblings

Looking for: well I have a wife but I always have room for a mistress, if you are interested

Candidate number 3:

Age: You don't ask a woman about her age

Gender: female

Children: 1 son

Fitness/Body Type: come and see for yourself, my son thinks I am quite good looking

Education: I quit college during senior year, but I got my high school diploma through night school

Income: I work in a candy shop, so moderate

Occupation: see above question

Likes: my son, writing

Dislikes: my husband

Looking for: I am still married but not for long so I am looking for a nice guy to settle down with

Well since I don't know the characters that well yet and I am not that good at writing as Inge my result is not that funny but still.


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