Dienstag, 24. März 2015

Day 2: Song challenge

1. Pick a character and match a song to them.

Louis de Pointe du Lac If I was your Vampire by Marilyn Manson

2. Pick a scene and match a song to it.

Last Fight with Voldemort in Harry Potter Final Countdown

3. Pick a book and match a song to it.

I leave that one out, because normally it would take me weeks to match songs to persons/ scenes/


4. Pick a song and describe a short scene you would like to see happen in the book you are currently 

reading to that song or inspired by that song.

Snape and Lilly have a last meeting together but of course she leaves for James. The song for that 

scene (at least the lyrics) when she leaves him again would be addicted to you.

5. Remember Lupin? What song would you force them to listen to on repeat as long as they are chained 

to you?

ATM I would torture him with a classic song. So my choice would be the Moonlight Sonata from 


6. What song would Lupin make you listen to?

Huh good question. Since he is a quiet character I would think something like Claire de Lune from 

Debussy, but I always have problems identifying someones music taste so this is just a wild guess.

7. What's your and Lupin's song?

Bruno Mars Count on me


  1. I like your song choices, especially the Count on Me one. I absolutely love that song and find it to be super sweet <3


    1. Count on me is actually the song of me and my best friend. I love it so much!

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    1. The final countdown would be definetely different haha

  3. Love the Final Countdown one hahaha! And you are really evil, choosing Moonlight Sonata for Lupin...