Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

Day 3: Recast

Day 3

So today we are supposed to put together a casting list for the book we are currently reading.

As I am reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I will recast a few but not everyone.

So for Harry, Ron and Hermione I think they cast the right people but please please please different 

hair for Harry (hello he never had straight hair like Daniel give him a damn wig) and for Hermione too. 

She has super bushy hair on the books and since I saw Brave I would say Hermiones hair should be like 

Meridas but not that orange ^^

And here is Harry how he is pictured on the german books. I would totally go with this hairstyle

I would have loved Ian McKellen as Dumbledore. I know he is Gandalf but still.

I would have picked Johnny Depp as Sirius I am not really a Gary Oldman fan and I always pictured 

Sirius differently. (yes I know both Dumbledore and Sirius are dead but for me it NEVER happened)

Definetely a different Ginny because sorry Bonnie Wright is just not right. I pick Dakota Fanning 


James Marsters as Lucius Malfoy :D

I keep the Phelps twins obviously and I keep Molly and Arthur but someone different for Tonks. Maybe 

Ashley Greene.

Going into a different direction again but I HAVE TO recast Cedric Diggory. I’ll go with Joseph Gordon-

Levitt. I know he is too old but Cedric is supposed to be good looking and Robert Pattinson isn’t xD

Christopher Walken as Rufus Scrimgeour

David Tennant as Remus Lupin

Keeping Snape and Malfoy and definitely Voldemort (but as discussed with Inge and found on the 

Internet I would try Benedict Cumberbatch as Lord Voldemort)

Where do I fit in Tom Hiddleston? Just because! Maybe as James Potter hah!

Hugh Jackman as Fenrir Greyback (sorry not sorry)

And last but not least I have to somehow  fit him in Michael Fassbender. He will be Xenophilius 

Lovegood  hahaha!

Oh yeah and btw.  Dudley is too thin :P

Ok so if you disagree sue me :P

Couldn't do more people I already spent two hours for those few.

So bye for now!


  1. Haha, I love these! Although shame on you for dissing Gary Oldman ;) but I do like the idea of Depp as Sirius. Maybe he would've made him too weird though :P

  2. Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant and also Joseph Gordon-Levitt in one movie? I would definitely be going to see this one! I especially admire you for doing this because recasting can be hard when there is already a movie out.